Movie Review: The Last Duel

The new movie “The Last Duel” marks the first time Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have written a screenplay together since “Good Will Hunting”, released in 1997 and won both of them the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 1998. I recently saw both Affleck and Damon on a talk show, talking about the arduous … Continue reading

Movie Review: Halloween Kills

For the entire Halloween movie series spanning 12 movies starting in 1978, with one more “Halloween Ends” to be released in 2022 – we all expect a stupid movie, an idiotic plot with zero logic, including the fact that this mass murder who wears a mask just cannot be killed – no matter what. However, … Continue reading

Movie Review: No Time to Die

As “No Time to Die” is the last James Bond role for Daniel Craig, many will forever speculate about who is the best James Bond of all time. After 5 good or very good movies, I would say that Craig is the second best Bond, after the late Sean Connery. The late Roger Moore in … Continue reading