Fathom Events Review: Betty White: A Celebration

Today, January 17th, 2022 would have been the 100th birthday of Betty White. The one day showing of “Betty White: A Celebration” is highly unusual based on the fact that this documentary will be shown in theaters only one day. This documentary was very well done, but one scene that stood out to me the … Continue reading

Movie Review: Scream

A better movie than each one of now five stupid “Scream” movies would be a 2 hour documentary about how or even why people like to see horrendous stabbing murders on a huge movie screen. Amazingly, all of these 5 scream movies, the first one released in 1996, are all about the same. A mystery … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Tragedy Of Macbeth

There is an old saying about, “You are not really an actor until you make it to Broadway, you are not really a great actor until you can act in a Shakespeare play”. For those of us who think that acting is easy, or if you think you can act, try and memorize or even … Continue reading