Movie Review: Spy

In all the movie comedies I have ever seen I don’t remember ever hearing jokes like: “You look like this” or “You look like that”, exaggerating the way someone looks in some outlandish comedic way.  This comedic method was way overused in this movie. There had to be about 40 jokes like this and most of them were not funny.   Melissa McCarthy, the lead character in this movie has always been funny in all her movies, some of them in a subtle way and some of them, like the “Bridesmaids” in an overtly comedic way.

This movie was funny a good percentage of the time and enough of the time to recommend, but it could have been a much better movie if the story and the complex plot made more sense.  At the end, the explanations of what was happening barely made any sense which for me ruined the payoff of the movie at the end.

Overall this movie was good enough to recommend.

Screenwriting lessons learned