Movie Review: TrainWreck

What I did expect was that this movie would be funny and it was, but not nearly enough and I expected more laughs. What I did not expect was to find out that this movie is very dramatic and emotional and well acted in a number of scenes. I also did not expect that Amy Schumer who is an excellent stand-up comedian to be as good an actor as she was in this movie in a number of highly emotional scenes. Lebron James, in his first acting role was also excellent and funny at times during this movie. Bill Hader, who plays Any Schumer’s love interest is also very good in this movie as well.

Its too bad that this movie was not more funny than it was because if that were the case the movie would rank as one of the best romantic comedies of all time. As it stands now, “Trainwreck” is a very good movie and definitely worth seeing. As I was watching it, I was thinking of many areas where it could have been much funnier and overall I did not notice too many people laughing that much during the two hours. However that missing home run of an extremely funny movie is offset by the surprising good acting and outstanding dramatic scenes. The premise of this movie, about a woman who is afraid of getting seriously involved with anyone for fear of being hurt again is very understandable and in this world a very common problem. The resolution of this problem is very well done at the end of this movie which was a pretty satisfying conclusion.

I highly recommend this movie.

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