Movie Review: Southpaw

This movie was very well acted and even though have all seen this story many times in so many previous boxing movies it is a movie worth spending 2 hours to see.

You just have to admire Jake Gyllenhaal and all the work he did for 5 months to get into boxing shape for this movie because considering the shape he was in for this movie he must have worked very hard. In the past, when an actor goes through so much to act in a movie they normally have a great shot at winning an academy award. That is probably true in this case, but considering the story and the fact that the movie has come out in the summer there is a good chance that Gyllenhaal will not be nominated for best actor. The boxing scenes were very believable and well done and the acting of everybody involved, including the young daughter of the main character in this movie Billy Hope (played by Oona Laurence) was very well done. Billy’s wife was also very well played by Rachel McAdams.

Movies like this remind us all what a very brutal and life threatening profession boxing is. At any point in time you can get hit with an unexpected shot to the head that could cost you your life or give you brain damage. The lesson with a sport like boxing always is, make your money and THEN get out before its too late. Unfortunately athletes like the one portrayed in this movie all too often lose everything and do not get out of the profession before its too late and spend money like there is no tomorrow. This was also the case as portrayed in this movie.

I definitely recommend this movie.

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