Movie Review: A Walk in the Woods

Its good to see Nick Nolte in a movie again, and its always good to see Robert Redford. What is unfortunate is that they chose this long and extremely boring movie to decide to collaborate on screen. This movie was very slow, had some scenes of humor, but not enough and the only interesting thing about this movie was their plan to hike the 2000 mile Appalachian trail which stretches to from Georgia to Maine.

Last year the movie Wild was about a woman who decided to hike the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail) after her mother died. Wild was a far better movie than this one and I also reviewed this movie on this same blog last December. This movie however is really not worth seeing and is very hard to sit through because it is so boring in so many areas. It is sad to see how badly Nick Nolte has aged over the years, largely due to this drinking problems which his character talked about in this movie at length. Aside from seeing these two great actors work together, there is no good reason to see this movie so I cannot recommend it.

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Walk in the woods