Movie Review: The Night Before

In some ways, its a very simple thing to figure out. How can a very bad movie be made? One way is because of clout. Clout to have the power and influence in Hollywood and because of that you can make any horrible script into a movie.  Perhaps you owe someone a favor or someone is your friend and gave you a break in some earlier movie. Perhaps by making one horrible movie you may get the green light to make some other movie in the future. Most of us will never know what really goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood but its a shame when you consider how many scripts and how many good ideas for a movie will never be made because a horrible script like this was made into a movie.

Its hard to understand what was the point of this movie. Something about bad weed and 3 friends traveling around the city of New York to different parties experiencing different drugged out visions and delusions.  There is no real story here, just a series of scenes that lead to nowhere and make the audience look at their watches and hope that it will soon be over.  This movie is beyond bad, its literally one of the worst movies I have ever seen. This movie reminded me of “The Interview” from last year and was the last movie that Seth Rogan put out. At least that very bad movie had some sort of a plot, but this movie had no plot, just a series of bad scenes that lead to other bad scenes.

By all means, miss this movie. Hopefully it will be out of the theaters soon.


The Night Before – IMDB

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