Movie Review: London Has Fallen

This is the first action movie that I can remember that reunites the entire cast from a previous version. Obviously the movie series “Pitch Perfect” is another example of an entire cast reuniting for another movie but “London is Falling” is unique in that this is an action movie and a very good one at that.

The prequel to this movie is Olympus has Fallen which came out in 2013 and was an outstanding story about a North Korean gang invading and taking over the White House. What is always not good about terrorist movies, and there have been many of them over the years, is that the last thing we ever want to do is to give any ideas to terrorist organizations in the world. London Has Fallen was very good, but both not as good as Olympus is Fallen and also not as good as I expected it would be. Too much of this movie is about the President trying to run away and hide from Terrorists who have invaded London and not enough of other more interesting action, which would have included the terrorists themselves or more of a story line which was too much of two men running for their lives. Gerard Butler is once again great at his role as a highly trained and very impressive secret service agent working directly for the President. Arron Eckart is also back as the President and he is also very good as reprising his role as the President of the Unites States. All the other minor characters are back as well as well as Morgan Freeman who is now the Vice President this time around.

This movie was very well done and worth seeing, I do recommend it but I was hoping it would be better.

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