Past Movie Review: A Few Good Men

Is it possible for 3 actors to peak 24 years ago? When you look at the history of Tom Cruise , Jack Nicholson , and Demi Moore and a great serious role that they were lucky enough to get, one could argue very strongly that the best movie all three of them were  in was “A Few Good Men” , which came out in 1992.

As far as Tom Cruise he has never been better in any movie, and that includes “Born on the Fourth of July” which came out in 1989. For some unknown and insane reason Cruise was not even nominated for a best actor or even best supporting actor academy award proving once again that there are some major problems with the voting for this award. Jack Nicholson was nominated for best supporting actor and Demi Moore, in arguably her best ever movie role was not nominated for any award which considering her great performance in this movie is ridiculous. Rob Reiner was not even nominated for a best Director Oscar for this movie, which is another snub for one of the best movies he has ever made. The movie was nominated for a best picture Oscar but did not win, in 1992 the movie “The Unforgiven”, which is another great movie won. I will be reviewing that movie in this blog as well.

The acting in this movie was some of the best I have ever seen and this is largely due to the incredible on point writing of Aaron Sorkin , who was also ignored by the academy for this great screenplay.  In my opinion A Few Good Men is one of the best pictures of the last 25 years and for all who have not seen it, owe it to themselves to see this great movie.


IMDB – A Few Good Men

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