Movie Review: Keanu

Key and Peele is a comedy act that has been popular on the Comedy Central network for a number of years. Finally, after years of producing a small comedy show on cable, an opportunity comes along to make their first movie, entitled “Keanu”, which is about a very cute cat that gets kidnapped by drug dealers.

I am sure the process of coming up with this idea and producing the script took a while, perhaps a year and during this period, many meetings took place and eventually the realization that this is “our shot, we sure better make this movie funny and great because we may never get a shot like this again” came up. Considering all of this, I was surprised that this movie was not that good or funny at all. Most of the comedy falls flat, the overuse of the N word was disturbing and the best part of the entire story, the cute cat, was barely in this movie nearly enough. There is a long scene with Anna Faris playing truth or dare during a drug deal that ran way too long and was never funny and a following shootout that seemed way out of place for a movie about a kidnapped kitten.

While I thought the premise of this movie was a good one and the story should be funny because kittens are both cute and funny, but after all of that, there really has to be a good story or something funny to hold it all together and this movie has none of this.

This movie is 100% definitely not for kids due to the very cute kitten,  because there are many scenes of extreme violence and murder throughout.  This movie should be missed mainly because it’s a comedy and it was not nearly funny enough.


Keanu – IMDB

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