Movie Review: Neighbors 2

Hopefully one day there is some course in UCLA film school that examines how writers and directors like Seth Rogan and Adam Sandler are able to continue to make very bad and horrible movies over and over again and become not only prolific but also very wealthy creating garbage. There is no other profession in the world other than movie making where you can create a very low-quality product at this level and still be rich and successful and then make many more of the same low-quality product. None of this makes any sense of course and we all know that life is unfair but at some point, there has to be a movie industry that makes sense. Quality first, and garbage is discarded and this should be the #1 rule of the movie industry but it’s not. The movie Neighbors 2 is the sequel to an equally bad movie Neighbors which came out 2 years ago this month. The fact that Neighbors 2 is a sequel is even more insane because now very bad movies are being made into multiple versions. I went to see this movie mostly because I was curious about how bad it was going to be, which is probably the reason why anyone saw the first Neighbors and will see this version.

The movie Neighbors 2 opens with Seth Rogen’s wife played by Rose Byrne , vomiting on him. To some people, who are perhaps in prison, this could be funny but to the rest of us, this is just disgusting. During this horrible mess of a movie, there were many raunchy and disgusting scenes like this and in the small audience I was in, nobody laughed at anything, not even once. Raunchy worked at times during a classic movie like Animal House , only because it was well done and well written. For this movie, nothing worked, not the raunchy disgusting scenes and not the ridiculous word-play that Rogan and several other screenwriters tried to squeeze in this almost 2 hours of garbage. Another scene included the use of car airbags and like the first Neighbors, Rogen seems to think it’s funny for people to explode in the air and hit their heads on the ceiling and crash to the floor. You have to worry about some stupid kids out in the world who might try this themselves and cause themselves or someone else some very serious injury or death. Aside from this obvious observation, flying in the air after being catapulted by an air bag, is simply not funny.

I was not surprised to see Zac Efron in this movie and he was in the previous Neighbors movie but I was surprised to see Chloe Grace Moretz because this movie has to be way below her normal standards. Perhaps there was some kind of a pre-deal with a production company that was made some years ago or some other promise or friendship that had her take this role which was a mistake. Fans of Zac Efron now have to really start to worry about his movie career as he has made so many bad movies for a number of years now. Each bad movie has to lower his clout in Hollywood.

This movie is about as bad as any movie of its kind has ever been and should be avoided at all costs.



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