Past Movie Review: Scarface

Keeping a level of tension at a very high level is something very rare in any movie that has ever been made. The Godfather 1 and 2, Heat, Raiders of the Lost Ark are classic movies that have not only a great script, direction, and acting but each scene either raises the tension or keeps it at the same level throughout the entire film. In all my years of watching movies, I cannot remember a more difficult to watch and disturbing scene than the shower scene in Scarface where a man was killed using a chainsaw while handcuffed to the shower. This movie came out in 1983 and to this day it is considered an all time classic. There is extreme violence in this movie, foul language, but underlying the nightmare of drugs, murder and violence​ you knew that there are people like this in the world who think of killing another human being as if it was like getting a cup of coffee.

In Scarface, Al Pacino has never been better in any role in his career. Many thought he should have won the Academy Award for this intense performance as Tony Montana but amazingly he was snubbed and not even nominated for an Oscar for this role. Brian Depalma was the director of Scarface and failed to receive a single best director nomination and the screenplay was expertly written by Oliver Stone who also failed to receive a single nomination. Scarface is now considered and all time movie classic and one has to wonder why it received such little respect in 1983 could be because of the extreme violence and foul language which was way ahead of its time. The ending scene in Scarface could be one of the most violent ever filmed.

If you have never seen the movie Scarface prepare yourself for intense action, and violence but realize it depicts the criminal lives of some very dangerous people in the world who actually exist.

Movie Review: Nine Lives

There have been many Disney movies about Cats over the last 50 years and probably a few that involve a person being possessed by a Cat or a Cat being possessed by a person, which is the plot of the movie “Nine Lives”. Unfortunately, Disney movies about cats or dogs star a dog or cat that is cute or loveable in some way. The cat in this movie looks like it’s always in a very bad mood and for that main reason it is definitely not a cute cat and what is worse the entire story behind this movie is confused, boring and poorly conceived. Jennifer Garner is the perfect actress for any family or Disney movie as her personality is just right for any kind of family film so she is not the problem with this movie. What doesn’t make much sense here is why Kevin Spacey would take his role as the CEO of a large corporation whose entire soul is transferred into the​ body of a Cat. How and why this transfer happens is rather ridiculous, but all movies involving the transfer​ of 2 souls​ to another body are ridiculous because this is not possible. The issue with this movie is that the entire story is long, boring and with a very stupid ending because if a movie is well written and acting we will all buy into a silly idea for a plot. Christopher Walken also makes an appearance in this movie and one has to wonder about the scarcity of good parts in Hollywood lately when you have 3 well known actors taking roles in such a bad movie.

This story involves the​ CEO of a corporation that wants to build the tallest building in the United States which is essentially the Freedom Tower in New York City, only to find out that another company in Chicago is going to top their building’s height by 60 feet. There is also some other​ infighting about control of the company involving Spacey and one of his executives played by Mark Consuelos and the only reason for this part of the story was probably to make the story closer to two hours long. Another other problem with this film is the constant and annoying cat whining sounds the possessed cat makes so often almost the entire two hours. I assume that the producers thought that some of the acrobatic falls into very awkward positions the poor cat makes in this movie are funny, but any real cat lover would worry that the cat is hurting​ himself landing in so many bad positions so often in this film. In the audience that saw this movie with me, nobody laughed and all the children in the audience seemed to be completely disinterested in what was happening on the screen.

Whether​ or not you are a fan of Disney movies or a cat lover, this movie should be missed.