Movie Review: When the Bough Breaks

There is a movie formula that most of us know about and it involves a series of the same black actors and an idea that goes about like this. A character comes off as very normal and nice in the beginning and then slowly over the course of the film the audience finds out that they are both evil and insane. So there are a series of conflicts during the movie that both create and increase tension which eventually results in some kind of a violent battle inside someone’s house, where the evil person is killed in some over the top kind of way. The movie “When the Bough Breaks” is exactly the same kind of movie once again, the only difference here is that the producers tried to throw in some stupid and strange and convoluted twists in this ridiculous movie to make it seem like its a new idea when it’s not.

This movie is stupid and another rehash of the same old formula, mainly because we have already seen this same story about 20 times already.  This movie also steals an idea from the original formula movie that started this entire idea in 1987, Fatal Attraction with the horrific killing of a family pet. You would think that someone in some conference room during a production meeting would recognize the idiotic rip off this movie is of so many other movies and suggested a new and original idea. That sure did not happen with this mess of two hours.

This movie is too dumb to recommend, and it should be avoided.

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