Past Movie Review: Aliens

The movie Aliens came out in 1986, a full 7 years after the original Alien that changed the movie world of science fiction forever. When you see an idea for a movie that is so groundbreaking like the movie Alien, released in 1979, you wonder why an idea this profound was never thought of before. Alien creatures are able to inject their offspring into the stomach of a human host and in a few short hours they break through the chest of the victim and in a few days are able to fully develop into very large and dangerous lizard-like alien creatures that have acid for blood. The movie Alien was so good I remember being surprised that Aliens took a full 7 years to come out after the first movie. Perhaps the reason was that a script good enough had to be written and new ideas good enough had to be created before they were able to get enough funding to make the sequel in 1986. James Cameron wrote the script for Aliens and it was so well written that in my opinion it should be considered to be the greatest action movie script ever created. Practically throughout the entire movie, the level of tension remained extremely high and the ending was one of the best I have ever seen. This is one of the few movies I can remember seeing twice within a few weeks of its release; it was that good and arguably even better than the first movie. Sigourney Weaver’s line at the end of Aliens is also one of the best ever, “Get away from her you bitch” (see video below). The movie Aliens was released 30 years ago this past summer and that is a reality very hard to believe.

Sigourney Weaver is the main character in all four Alien movies and unfortunately the last 2 in the series were not very good movies. The first movie Alien was groundbreaking due to the scene where the alien broke out of the chest of one of the astronauts while eating dinner, played by John Hurt. It was this one scene that was the huge catalyst for not only the rest of the movie┬ábut also for the 3 Alien sequels that followed, ending with Alien Resurrection in 1997. Right now in production, a 5th Alien movie directed by Ridley Scott, who directed Alien, a new movie Alien Covenant will be released in August 2017 and it’s obvious to me that because Ridley Scott is involved with this movie that it will be on a par with the first two movies (see trailer below). The story of Alien and Aliens is one of the greatest science fiction concepts ever created.

I highly recommend both films that both have extremely high IMDB ratings of 8.5 and 8.4 respectively.