Movie Review: Allied

Probably in many massive warehouses around the world, there are the stored vehicles, airplanes, clothing and millions of artifacts from the years 1939-1945, arguably the most significant 6 years in human history. You have to admire that when you see a vintage World War 2 film like Allied, the producers and directors of a movie like this are able to gather together all of these old cars and war planes and somehow get them all to run and look like they did 70 years ago. There are many scenes in Allied that show many cars and planes from this era as this movie takes place in occupied France in the 1940’s and then England. Perhaps one day it will no longer be possible to make a World War 2 movie because the old machinery will just be too old to get to run again and perhaps building cars from that era would be too costly, but that is where computer animation comes in. I also thought about how many thousands of movies around the world have been made about the most important 6 year period in human history and that has to be a very large number.

As far as the movie Allied I thought it captured the period during the early 1940s in France and England very well, and the special effects showing air raids and plane crashes were quite impressive. The story of this movie is about 2 spies for England who are stationed in occupied France to spy on the Germans, what follows are many scenes of espionage, spying and paranoia and then a love story between the two spies played by Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. As one would expect, a love story and eventual marriage and child between two spies in World War 2 would cause massive complications and as far as that aspect of the story, I thought it was well done. There are several love scenes between Cotillard and Pitt that are rumored to be one of the reasons for Brad Pitt’s recent divorce from Angelina Jole and from these scenes it is believable that this could be one of the causes. This movie is very well directed by Robert Zemeckis.

This is not a great movie about World War 2, just a good one and I do recommend it.