Movie Review: Underworld: Blood Wars

One day there will be a study from some college or psychologist who will try to figure out why people like Vampires so much. Could it be the eternal life thing or the weird ways you can kill a Vampire or their thirst for blood? I have never been a fan of Vampire or Zombie movies, and as far as films like this latest Underworld, this is just the latest in a long list of films in this franchise starring Kate Beckinsale. As long as these movies keep making money there will be more of them and probably most of the reason for their popularity is because of Beckinsale and her attractiveness on screen. But as far as the overall quality of these films, there is not much to speak of.

For this latest installment, “Underworld: Blood Wars”, there are long scenes of set-up for a payoff in a later scene that involves huge battles between different factions of Vampires or Vampires vs Ware Wolves. In my opinion, the set-ups for these war scenes took too long and made the movie more boring than it should have been. The special effects are nothing more than what we have seen before in the previous movies in this franchise, so there is really no reason to see this movie because if you have seen any of the other movies, then you have really seen this film already. It is all the same thing, repeated over and over again, therefore I do not recommend this movie.

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