Movie Review: Sleepless

The movie “Sleepless” is about drug pushers, kidnapping, DEA Investigators, crooked cops, honest cops, undercover cops, Cocaine, gunfights, fist fights and the mob. We have seen all of this before, many times and there is nothing really groundbreaking or unusual about this film, other than the fact that this entire story takes place within a 12 hour time period, mostly at night, much like the TV series 24 where each entire season takes place within one day. The action is fast moving and in many cases engrossing and entertaining enough. Early in the story, the main character, played by Jamie Fox is stabbed and throughout the rest of this movie he is bleeding from his abdomen. What doesn’t make sense is how he is able to have so many fights, many of which he wins when he is almost bleeding to death. This is a major logic flaw in the story that could have been easily fixed, but it was not. There are other flaws in this movie as well, but they are mostly covered up by some of the action scenes.

The actress Michelle Monaghan plays a police internal investigator who gets involved with dangerous drug pushers, along with Jamie Foxx and this leads to many chase scenes, fights and shootouts throughout a gambling casino in Las Vegas, which I thought was an unusual venue for a police drama.

Overall I thought this film was entertaining enough, but the unique 12-hour real time idea for this movie was not enough to give this film any more than a very marginal recommendation.

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