Past Movie Review: We Were Soldiers

I remember thinking when I saw the great war movie “We Were Soldiers” in March 2002, that it was probably one of the best and most realistic war movies ever made. Mel Gibson has now made two of these, this one and the recent Hacksaw Ridge, that is the equal to this movie with its battle realism and story. War is a horrible reality of life that never should exist but unfortunately, it probably always will. Humanity has always been extremely adept at killing people.

This movie is outstanding for showing the strategy of a battle, this one taking place in Vietnam and known as the Battle of Ia Drang which happened on November 14, 1965, one of the worst battles in the entire war. Mel Gibson played Lt. Col. Hal Moore and most amazing about a man with his high rank in the military is that he stood right in battle with all of his men and always insisted on being the first soldier to enter a battle and the last one to leave.

The other memorable parts of this movie included all the wives back home who for days during that battle in Vietnam were receiving telegrams telling them that their husbands had been killed in battle.

We Were Soldiers is not for the faint of heart, but no movie that shows what war really is all about should ever not be truthful about its extremely harsh reality. I highly recommend this film.

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