Movie Review: Get Out

The reviews the new movie “Get Out” on Rotten Tomatoes is one of the highest ever and right now it’s at 100%. IMDB ratings for this movie are close to 80%. Why? That is the question that had after seeing this mostly average movie. One of the reviews stated very accurately, “this movie mines racism for Thrills and Chills”. That is a true statement and in an effort to be new and different for a type of movie that has been done many hundreds of times before, this new type of horror movie twist for me seemed way too risky and racist for my tastes. The entire idea behind it is very far fetched because the payoff at the end of this film is not possible and because this movie takes place in the present day the ending is not plausible and downright absurd.

The actors Alison Williams in her first movie role and newcomer Daniel Kaluuya were good in their roles within a story that I found more strange than scary or even entertaining. The extremely high scores and great reviews for this movie are a mystery to me. While Get Out is certainly not a bad movie, it is not really that good either, so I give it a very marginal recommendation only because of the high reviews.