Movie Review: Table 19

Perhaps the reason why the screenplay for “Table 19” was greenlighted to be made into a movie had more to do with the fact that this specific idea was never attempted before: A group of strangers meet during a wedding reception, all at table 19 and through their conversations about their private lives at the table, start to bond and interact with each other and have issues with other people at the reception. While this idea is a unique one, it is definitely not compelling enough or interesting enough to hold anyone’s attention for two hours or even the 90 minutes of this movie, especially since the stories each of these people have to share are not interesting enough by themselves to hold your attention.

Anna Kendrick has been great in the first two Pitch Perfect movies and I am sure she will be great in the 3rd one. She is a good enough singer to have her own album released at some point during her career. Hopefully, she will have another movie in the near future that is up to her academy award winning performance in “Up in the Air” that was released in 2009, because this one was just average at best. The pairing of Lisa Kudrow and Craig Robinson as husband and wife not only didn’t work but really didn’t make any sense. This could be the worst casting for two parts I have ever seen in any movie.

I think this movie was supposed to be a comedy and a drama, or what is called a dramedy, but neither the comedy or drama parts worked for any length of time. This is another movie that you cannot believe was actually made, considering the millions of dollars wasted and the good or great movie that was not made instead with the screenplay still sitting on some producer’s shelf for many years. This film should be completely avoided and considering I was the only one in the theater I was in, probably already has been by most everybody.

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