Past Movie Review: Terms of Endearment

The movie “Terms of Endearment” that came out in 1983 is one of those films from many years ago that fascinates me, partly because just about everybody in this production peaked with this movie and never hit a note this high again, with the possible exception of Jack Nicholson. One could easily argue that Debra Winger, Jeff Daniels and
Shirley MacLaine all had the peak of their careers with this movie, and this demonstrates once again, just what a miracle getting a part in a great movie is.

I remember going on going to see Terms of Endearment already knowing it was going to be a great and unforgettable movie because James L. Brooks wrote the screenplay and directed this film. Like all great James L. Brooks movies, there are some very funny moments, but this one stands alone as having one of the most difficult and saddest endings I have ever seen.  When most people think about this movie from 34 long years ago they will probably mostly remember the ending and Shirley MacLaine’s face and expression when she realizes something very tragic has happened and brilliantly the director knew that showing the event was never necessary to tell the audience what has happened. This scene and so many other unforgettable moments make Terms of Endearment one of the best movies of its kind even produced. If you have never seen Terms of Endearment after all these years, it is one great film that I highly recommend.

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