Movie Review: Ghost in the Shell

The new movie “Ghost in the Shell” tries very hard to look like the 1982 cult classic film “Blade Runner” and for the most part, it was very successful in reminding me of Blade Runner and of the dark, murky and rainy futuristic world where robots are as commonplace as human beings. Given that movie and computer technology has advanced so far since 1982, I was surprised at the just average special effects for a movie with a budget of 130 million dollars, especially with all of the scenes of the outside world in the distant future that seemed like they were slapped together or taken from another movie. What is worse than the average special effects are what amounts to a very boring story, that barely keeps your attention for even 30 minutes much less than close to 2 hours. A bad sign for me is the watch test and this movie I must have checked my watch about 25 times, waiting for it all to end as soon as possible. The acting for this film is OK, but there is not much of a story to act, unfortunately. The star is Scarlett Johansson and I suspect she is hoping there is not going to be a sequel to this movie, considering the amount of work involved in making this pretty bad science fiction film.

This film is a remake of a cartoon movie with the same title made in 1995 also entitled “The Ghost in the Shell” and given the pretty high IMDB ratings for the 1995 version (8.0), I would suggest that anyone who is interested in this story should probably see this movie and skip this bad remake.

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