Movie Review: Wonder Woman

The ratings for the movie Wonder Woman are extremely high; 84% for IMDB and 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. While I agree that this is a good movie, I do not agree that it as good as these very high scores. This movie has very good special effects but a story that is not exceptional enough to consider this a great movie. The story of this film is essentially about good vs evil and in this case, the evil is Germany in World War 1.

An air force captain from England, Captain Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, flys through some kind of a time portal into a world of Amazon women while escaping from German soldiers who soon arrive in this strange ancient world. Within this Amazon world, the evil force they are fighting is someone named Aries. After a battle between Amazon women and the German soldiers from World War 1, it is decided that Diana, played by Gal Gadot will return to the Steve Trevor’s world of world War 1 and her reasoning is that she wants to kill Aries. What is not clear at this point is why Diana aka Wonder Woman does not realize that Aries does not exist in the World War 1 world, despite her obvious intelligence including being able to speak 10 languages and obviously going through a time portal. It is also not fully explained where or how this time portal came to being in the first place, although some meager explanation is offered at the end of the movie. Another interesting thought I had is that if Wonder Woman has huge powers by clicking her bracelets together, why does she waste so much time and take so much risk getting involved in so much hand to hand combat? Why not just click your bracelets and win the battle immediately?

Like most of the many Marvel comic movies that have been released in the last few years, the most important thing are the special effects and not necessarily the story. I thought this story was better than most of the other Marvel movies but not as good as the Iron Man series and the best in that franchise was the first one, released in 2008. Overall, I thought Wonder Woman was a very good but not great addition to the Marvel Comic movie franchise and I do recommend it.

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