Past Movie Review: Office Space

When the movie “Office Space” was released in 1999, I remember thinking that I have never seen a film that so perfectly captures the reality of working in the corporate world. The frustrations, the insanity, the injustice, the managers who do nothing and have no skills and yet they are in charge and the fact that as you look around your cubicle environment very often it feels like you are throwing your life down the drain. Very often you are forced to do work that you do not want to do and feeling trapped in a depressing life, “because of the money”.

This movie was also very funny, starring Ron Livingston who was perfect as the miserable employee who just didn’t want do to any of this anymore, Gary Cole, as his annoying boss and Jennifer Aniston as Livingston’s girlfriend who was given a hard time by her boss as a waitress, because she never wore enough buttons on her blouse to please him. What is also great are the irony’s that all the employees of this fictional software company have to face as 2 men are hired to fire a mass of people and they are most impressed by Livingston’s character who at that exact time, had decided to give up on working and do nothing all day and the famous TPS report idiotic nightmare at the beginning of the movie that summarizes all the frustrations and insanities (see video).

If you have not seem Office Space on cable or DVD, you owe it to yourself to see one of the best parodies of the nightmare of working for other people ever produced.