Movie Review: 50 Shades Freed

What should now happen after the 3 very bad 50 Shade movies are now forever done is create a documentary that attempts to figure out why 3 books about a very boring story and then 3 movies have become such a world wide phenomenon. None of this makes any sense. Creating a bad adapted screenplay about a relationship mostly based on S&M and mix that in with a bad TV movie, with a mostly stupid boring story. Why is this so popular? I saw this 3rd and last installment for the blog and I was embarrassed to walk into the theater. How do we explain the millions of dollars these movies have made?

It has to be the worst book series that spawned the worst 3 movie franchise of all time. Now the remaining mystery will be to find out if the two stars of these movies, who signed their lives away when they agreed to make 3 pretty bad movies, will now have any acting career in the future. I think that Dakota Johnson will make more movies, but her co-star Jamie Dornan, may have seen his last major movie role.

This movie should be missed, even by people who are big fans of the 3 books.