Movie Review: Hurricane Heist

While watching this very bad movie I remember thinking that perhaps this entire screenplay was written in reverse. In other words some producer thought that because of all the very damaging hurricanes we have had in this country in the last few months that perhaps this idea would be some kind of a draw at the box office. Then add a band of criminals who use a huge hurricane to distract others from their crime and throw in the old recycled currency idea that was used in the also bad movie “Den of Thieves” and we have a hit. The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for this move are a very low 25% but my rating is even lower about 5% because the idea and the story for this film is so bad. On top of this the special effects of the hurricane especially at the end of the movie don’t look like a hurricane at all, most like a giant nuclear dust cloud. This entire movie is stupid and should be avoided by everyone. Run from this horrible mess.