Movie Review: Blockers

The new movie “Blockers” is about 3 parents trying to stop their daughters from having sex on prom night. Obviously this movie is trying to be a raunchy comedy, but for me it did not work, because it was not funny enough. Also, the raunchy parts were too disgusting and too raunchy and this included a rectal beer chugging event and way too much vomiting. Why do people in Hollywood think that people in the real world find vomiting funny? Its not funny, never has been.

John Cena is a bright spot in this film and its amazing to see a professional wrestler have some natural comedy talent. However, I am surprised he did not have pride enough to reject that beer chugging scene, that was disgusting and way over the top.

There was some laughs in the theater I was in, but not nearly enough to recommend this below average comedy. Why the Rotten Tomatoes ratings for this movie are so high – 83% is a mystery to me – just like some other movies that have been rated high lately that I thought were bad movies.

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