Movie Review: Hearts Beat Loud

The new small movie “Hearts Beat Loud” has very big ratings on Rotten Tomatoes of 91% and I agree with those numbers. The story here is simple and that is why it is a very good film because most of the time, the simple small stories about real life are always the best.

This story is about the grief of a widower Frank Fisher played by Nick Offerman and the difficulties of running a small record store and raising a teenage daughter,played extremely well by the actress Kiersey Clemons by himself. They have almost no money, the business is failing and Frank’s daughter is about to go to college to become a doctor. One line that stood out for me is that the tuition for one year of medical school is 62,000 a year but if you have no money at all, its 12,000. How completely insane is this? Somewhere along the line the amount of money that the vast majority of people make in this country became completely disconnected to what things cost and this movie depicts this harsh reality very well. This problem is at its absolute worst when it comes to the cost of college, law school and medical school.

This movie also stars Toni Collette who plays the landlord of the failing record store and Collette was also in the recent and very good movie Heredity – recently reviewed in this blog. One problem in this movie was the chain smoking of Nick Offerman’s character – a problem I still see in almost all movies today.

I thought the singing and music in this movie, especially at the end was very well done and adds even more to like to this very good film.

I highly recommend Hearts Beat Loud.