Movie Review: The First Purge

This is the 6th Purge movie in one of the worst long running movie franchises of all time. Apparently they all made enough money to justify another one and considering each movie is about the same thing “crime gets a holiday for one day”, its amazing that these bad movies get the audience they do. Even more amazing for me is that this movie has Marisa Tomei in this film and she plays a scientist who is studying the end results of letting crime have one day off. There is no better example of how difficult a field acting is when you see an actress who is the caliber of Tomei in a bad movie franchise. I can only guess that she did it as a favor for a friend or needed the money.

This is a bad movie about nothing but violence and like all the other movies in the franchise it should be skipped by everyone – including me, who only saw this garbage because of this blog. Hopefully they will make “The LAST Purge” very soon and put an end to this long list of bad movies.

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