Movie Review: Skyscraper

44 years ago, The Towering Inferno was released and this is the last time I can remember a major blockbuster type of movie was released about a very tall building that catches on fire. The reason why the Towering Inferno is a much better movie about a tall building disaster than Skyscraper is because The Towering Inferno had a much better story. The problem with Skyscraper is that the entire story behind how the building catches on fire is absolutely ridiculous. The producers probably thought that if they came up with a feasible and understandable story about how an extremely tall building caught on fire than it might be compared to the Towering Inferno. Considering the inane story for this film, taking a risk that this story could compare to a very good movie in the 70’s about a tall building would be worth the risk.

The star of this film is once again Dwayne Johnson, who seemed to be in just about all the big blockbuster movies made today and he has one of the biggest movie careers going right now of all time. It was good to see actress Neve Campbell in a big movie like this and this is probably the first in her entire acting career for a a summer release like this – with the possible exception of the Scream movies from many years ago.

This movie should be seen by all fans of Johnson and for those who like special effects, but for those who like a decent story this movie should be missed.

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