Future Movie Review: Bad Blood

About 2 months ago it was revealed that the medical device company Theranos, founded by entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes – was nothing more than company that scammed billions of dollars from very wealthy investors for years. A few days ago, I found that there has been a book written about this and there is already a movie that is planned starring Jennifer Lawrence – and directed by Adam McKay.

From the first day I heard about this amazing story of deception, I knew it would be a great subject for a major film – but I was very surprised at how quickly that story has been bought and is already in the planning stages and will be developed into a movie. A few days ago, I bought the book on Amazon. Here is the link for those who are interested:

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

The link to the movie – now in the planning stages:

Bad Blood – IMDB

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