Movie Review: Dog Days

The new movie “Dog Days” is another screenplay that follows the “Gary Marshall” paradigm of having about 10 stories in one script that loosely connect together. This multi-story concept is kind of like fishing with dynamite. The idea is, to have as many stories as possible because if 2 or 3 of them work then the movie will make money and become a success. The common thread throughout this story is dogs and for those who see this film, some will want to get a dog and others will not – mainly because of the constant barking of more than a few of them during the 2 hours. The barking issue and having to get up in the morning and walk your dog is a major commitment for anyone who is not a big dog lover. I for one do not like the constant barking, which is why I am more of a cat person.

As far as the many stories of this film, I thought some of them worked and some of them did not. Towards the end there were several emotional moments that were very well done and for me was enough to give this movie a mild recommendation. Dog Days stars Vanessa Hudgens Eva Longoria and Nina Dobrev as the only well known actors and they do enough good acting carry the series of about 10 stories.

Overall I give Dog Days a mild recommendation – despite the Garry Marshall mass produced story.

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