Movie Review: Crazy Rich Asians

First and foremost, the new movie “Crazy Rich Asians” is all about money. Its about super rich Asians who live in Singapore who after many years of being super rich, have forgotten or never knew what it is like to have little or no money, or a bad job sitting in a cubicle or doing what you don’t want to do, because you do don’t have enough money to walk away. The story is about a young couple in love, about to get married but the woman is not from a wealthy family, she is the product of a single mother who struggled for many years to make enough to survive. Unfortunately in many, but not all cases, people who have a great deal of money let it all go to their head and look down on people who are not rich, as if they are not good enough to associate with and definitely not to marry their son – basically the plot of this movie. The mother of the young Asian man does not approve of his girlfriend and some of the scenes between his girlfriend and his mother I thought were extremely well done.

I thought this movie dragged on in a number of places, was somewhat funny in others and was too much like a soap opera for my liking. The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Crazy Rich Asians is a very high 92% and I do recommend it for the message – but not so much for the overall story.

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