Movie Review: Mile 22

The new movie “Mile 22” is easily one of the worst of 2018. There is no story line or recognizable screenplay here, just a series of disconnected scenes that are never explained or transition, and are nothing more than excuses for action or explosions or both. A movie is never an excuse for only action scenes and Mile 22 is so bad that even Michael Bay, who invented this type of rapid fire film would say Mile 22 makes absolutely no sense. The only bright spot within this very bad 2 hours is the presence of probably the best movie Martial Arts expert in movie history Iko Uwais – who has some scenes of realistic fighting that are extremely impressive. The best examples of this type of realistic Karate that I have ever seen are within the 2 movies “Raid: Redemption 2011” and “The Raid 2 – 2014”.

Other than Iko, this entire movie is a total mess and should be thrown out of all theaters – hopefully by this Monday. To make this movie even worse – the end of the film uses the “explain what happened cleanup scenes” at the end that attempts to make up for the fact that no measurable story was told for 2 hours. The Rotten Tomatoes rating for this bad movie is 20% – and I would have given it a 5% rating. Run from Mile 22, because it is a screenplay disaster.

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