Movie Review: Alpha

The movie “Alpha” is very similar to the Disney movies in the past about our close relationship with dogs and in this case of this story a wolf. This story takes place 20,000 years ago and despite the prehistoric caveman times the human beings looked in far too good shape and wore clothing that looks like it was expertly made – almost like designer jackets, which of course makes no sense considering the time involved. Through a series amazing events that involve hunting buffalo a teenage boy is separated from his tribe and while trying to survive on his own, befriends a wolf who was also injured and separated from his pack. Some of the ideas here are far fetched and it seemed that some of the logistics did not make sense in some areas, but overall I thought this was a good example of a family movie, although some of the harrowing experiences are probably too intense for younger children.

Rotten Tomatoes gives this movie a rating of 86 and my rating is about a 75% – so I do recommend Alpha.

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