Movie Review: A.X.L.

One can only speculate on how a movie this bad could ever be made. Large amounts of money spent on a screenplay idea that is ridiculous and downright stupid. In some conference room, probably in Malibu California probably about 2 years ago, some producers thought “kids love robots”, “kids love dogs”. What we need is a Robot Dog. Who cares about a screenplay or a story of any kind? We can delay the release of whatever we come up with to the critics so we can get that first weekend box office of parents and kids so who cares of the movie is garbage.

The new movie A.X.L. is pretty close to garbage, most especially the ending that makes absolutely no sense. There is AI software, a Robot Dog that will be used by the army, using technology that does not even exist. There is a teenage motorcycle racer that finds the robot dog and becomes involved with a young woman and the entire movie is a series of events that are all disconnected that result in one of the worst conclusions to a movie I have ever seen.

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for A.X.L are a very low 25%, IMDB is a very low 4.6. This is one movie that should have went directly to DVD. One bright spot is actress Rebbeca Marie Gomez, who looks like she could be related to Selena Gomez and should have a bright future in movies, just based on her looks alone and despite appearing in this horrendous mess.

Miss this nightmare of very bad movie making, one of the worst movies of 2018.

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