Movie Review: Peppermint

For those of us who have the impossible ambition of breaking into the business of screenwriting, movies as bad as “The Nun” are especially infuriating. This could be the first bad horror movie that I have ever seen, where even the moments of horror are boring. The movie is about an evil Nun who inhabits a giant old convent and the haunts the minds of many other unfortunate characters in this very bad story. Who cares? We have seen this before. Just because a story involves exorcism and a religious theme does not mean its going to work as a horror movie.

One can only guess the number of religious and exorcism movies that have been released since “The Exorcist”, easily the most terrifying movie ever made – released in 1973. The number of movies that have tried to capitalize on The Exorcist is too high, but for me the best of these is “The Omen”, that was released in 1976 starring Gregory Peck. An honorable mention is the 2009 movie “Drag me to Hell” which is a very well done horror movie and about as good as The Omen.

The Rotten Tomatoes rating for this mess is a very low 31% – I would have given this film a 5% rating. Very simply, this movie sucks and should have gone directly to DVD. Do yourself and miss this mess.