Movie Review: Overlord

One could easily say about the new movie “Overlord” that it has to be the most unusual World War 2 movie ever made. As the movie starts there is a scene that many World War 2 movies have started. A group of young men are about to parachute out of a huge plane behind German Lines at the start of the Normandy Invasion in June 1944. This scene will remind many people of the starting scene of Saving Private Ryan where a group of young men are on a boat about to be storm the beaches of Normandy where many of them will die before they even reach the beach. The harsh reality of war is very well done in this opening scene with anti-aircraft explosions and the inevitable explosions all around the soldiers. Once landed a group of young men are assigned to blow up a German tower to help the land invasion and this is where the movie ceases to be a run of the mill war movie and become a movie about German experimenting on dead people and eventually zombies.

The special effects for this movie are very good, as are the action scenes involving combat. For this who think that harsh realities war should be respected in all war movies this movie is not for you – because zombies in World War 2 is far fetched and considering the science rather ridiculous.

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for this movie are a very high 81%, I would be more in the 65-70% range and I give this movie only a marginal recommendation.