Movie Review: Cold War

For those who hate reading subtitles for any foreign language film, the new movie “Cold War” is not for you.

I found this film highly unusual as its based mostly in Russian occupied Poland some years after the end of World War 2. Cold War is a love story between a woman who is a singer who travels around Europe in various musical troops and a man who did not have a defined profession in this story. The problem with this film as I saw it, were the reasons why the couple was not able to stay together were not portrayed clearly enough. The hardships and the aftermath of World War 2 was one obvious reason for their many breakups, but perhaps the real reasons were all lost in translation. I thought the quality of the film-making was very high, including some impressive black and white photography. There are some scenes of very good musical numbers in this film, all sung in Polish and Russian.

The ratings for Cold War are a very high 95% and this film has received three Oscar nominations this year including best Foreign Language film, but for me this story was too boring in many spots to give it a rating any higher than 75%.