Movie Review: Miss Bala

I give the new film “Miss Bala” some credit, with the idea that a beauty pageant has never been combined with a story about a drug cartel before. There is nothing possible or plausible in this story about a friend of a beauty pageant contestant who for some reason gets spared during a bar shooting and before she knows it is being used as a mule to smuggle drugs into Mexico. The story from this point on, barely makes any sense and from about the half way point, I was hoping the movie would end soon.

The Rotten Tomatoes for this mostly bad movie are a very low 27% and I agree with this rating. The title Miss Bala also makes no sense because the beauty pageant is for “Miss Baja California”. For her first big starring role in a mainstream movie, the actress Gina Rodriguez sure picked the wrong starter film. Miss Bala is a must miss.

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