Movie Review: Cold Pursuit

The new Liam Neeson movie “Cold Pursuit” achieved some new ideas I have never seen before in any film. First of all, Nels Coxman, played by Neeson has the most unusual job I have ever seen – he clears snow in mountain roads in the surrounding mountains of Denver Colorado. There is a long list of people who die in this movie, all followed by listing their name and religious denomination right after their death. The entire story is played very low key in a way that I found extremely unusual. Neeson’s co-star Laura Dern, who plays Coxman’s wife has an extremely small part in the beginning of the movie and then disappears, never to be seen again. The ending was also very strange with a shocking unexpected death that might have been an attempt at humor or insanity given the large number of people who die in this story.

Cold Pursuit is an effective revenge drama with Neeson, in a role similar to the excellent Taken from 2008 role as a father who would do anything for his child. The story involves a local drug cartel and once again we are reminded of ruthlessness of people like this, who kill like most of us brush our teeth. For most people like this they meet their own end as violently as they killed others.

The story of Cold Pursuit also involves a custody battle between the head of the drug cartel and his wife, and they have a young son who has a likability and niceness that bears no resemblance to his parents. I found this an unlikely reality given the child’s parents and circumstances.

The Rotten Tomatoes rating for Cold Pursuit is a very solid 80% and my score would be more in the 70% range due to some of the slow points in the story and an ending involving the young boy in the aftermath of a shootout that made no sense. I give a mild recommendation to Cold Pursuit.

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