Movie Review: Wild Rose

There should be more movies like “Wild Rose” made, for the millions of young people who aspire to move to Hollywood to be an actor or a famous singer. The odds are very long and what this film shows, is the truth about these long odds. The reality of the luck involved, the disappointments and heartache, the breaks that are needed and might never come. It all amounts to gambling with your entire life. There are the lucky few and the thousands who never make it. It doesn’t matter that you work hard to achieve your dreams or that you may actually be the most talented, like the singer in this movie. What matters is that Rose-Lynn has been the absentee single mother to 2 kids starting at age 18. Her talent will always come in second to her children.

The lead character of Wild Rose,Rose-Lynn is played by Jessie Buckley, who is not only an outstanding actor in this role, but a great singer as well. Her mother Marion, played well by Julie Walters comes to her daughters rescue frequently because of the late nights and drinking that come with her daughters life as a lounge singer.

This movie takes place in Scotland, a very unlikely location for a singer who wants to become a country singer who lives in Nashville. One problem wit this film is because of the very thick Scottish accents, many times it was impossible to fully understand what people were saying.

The message of this movie is a good one. Just because the odds are long and probably impossible does not mean to not try to achieve your dreams.

The Rotten Tomatoes rating for Wild Rose are a very high 94% and I agree with this assessment and highly recommend this film.

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