Movie Review: Where’d you go Bernadette

“Where’d you go Bernadette” is one of those strange, trying too hard to be different movies where you wonder how lead actors like Cate Blanchette and Laurence Fishburne could read the screenplay and agree to appear in this film. There is no real story here, just a series of scenes where an architect, Bernadette Fox, played by Blanchette is slowly having a nervous breakdown mostly caused by her manic depressive personality. I found most of this not interesting enough to hold my attention for 2 hours, even though the acting, mostly by Blanchette was good.

It is hard to understand why this movie was made or why actors like Fishburne, Blanchette and the very talented Kristine Wiig agreed to agreed to appear in this film. I agree with the low 44% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and do not recommend this movie.