Movie Review: Jojo Rabbit

The new movie “Jojo Rabbit” will be a mystery to most people. Why it was made? What is the point? How can anyone think that anything to do with Hitler or Hitler youth could ever be considered a farce or even remotely funny? Why is Scarlett Johansson or Sam Rockwell in this horrendous mess? Most importantly, why are the critical ratings as high as 79%? None of this makes any sense and for me as an avid moviegoer, I could not wait for this horrible waste of 2 hours to finally be over. Sitting through this disaster was hard to do, and for much of the 2 hours it was very hard to not leave early.

My theory about the positive critical reviews is that this movie is very different than any other movie, with a young German boy being followed around by a muse who looks like Hitler, with a teenage Jewish girl living in a closet in his house. What is interesting about this story or even remotely entertaining? This entire idea is different bad and never different good.

Despite the positive reviews of Jojo Rabbit this movie should be avoided at all costs and my rating is only 10%. Run from this mess of 2 hours.

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