Movie Review: A Good Liar

The movie “A Good Liar” marks the first time that great actors Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen have even appeared in the same movie. Considering that Mirren is 74 and McKellen is 80, both with very long and distinguished careers, it is hard to believe that they have never acted together.

A Good Liar is about a scam artist, Roy Courtnay, played by McKellen, a person who has no conscience and finds it easy to steal and scam money from others, with no fear of retribution or a very long prison term. The problem with this film and ultimately screenplay is there are too many holes in the story, that starts with an online dating service where Mirren’s character meets McKellen’s character. This film has the “explain the story with flashbacks” method at the end to resolve all the action that happened previously, including new events that had never been shown before. Some of these events are impossible to believe and in some cases make absolutely no sense. There is an ultimate revenge aspect of this story at the very end that for the most part, holds no water.

I agree with the below average ratings of 64% for this film on Rotten Tomatoes and do not recommend this movie because there are just too many holes in the story.




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