Past Movie Review: The Blind Side

At the start of the movie “The Blind Side”, released in 2009 a video is shown about one of the worst injuries in the history of the NFL. On November 18, 1985, quarterback Joe Theisman’s career ended when his leg was shattered during a tackle where he was surrounded by several Giant’s linemen, putting his leg into a backwards position that considering the video (see below) it is amazing that he still has this leg . Due to this one horrendous leg injury, the NFL changed; creating the need for offensive linemen who were responsible for protecting the quarterback’s blindside.

The story about the movie The Blind Side, starring Sandra Bullock is a true story about a homeless man who is taken in by a rich family and eventually adopted. This is one of those movies that if the story were not true, nobody would have green-lighted the screenplay, because nobody would believe that this could ever have happened. The homeless man was Micheal Oher, a huge 300 pound offensive lineman who would eventually make it to the NFL with the Baltimore Ravens and eventually win the Super Bowl with the team in 2013. Were it not for Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, played by Sandra Bullock, Oher would have probably remained homeless for the rest of his life. Oher was raised by a drug addict mother, who was frequently in and out of prison, and despite his huge size and athletic ability he would have never found his true calling as an elite NFL offensive lineman.

In 2008, one year before the release of The Blind Side, Sandra Bullock was known as an actress who had made several good, but never great movies; the best being “Speed”, released in 1994. Most would have thought that she would have continued making mid-level quality movies for the rest of her career, and was not really an Academy Award level actress. Bullock won the best actress Oscar for The Blind Side in 2010, proving that all it takes is one miracle role or opportunity in any career, to prove the critics wrong. Miracles like this one in Bullock’s career are extremely rare and never guaranteed to any actor.

2009 is 11 years ago and Bullock has never gotten a role as good as The Blind Side since, proving once again how rare great acting roles come along for any actor. Just because a well known actor gets one great role, like Julia Roberts in 2000 for “Erin Brockovich”, this never means that lightning will strike twice, regardless of fame or clout. This is also true of the late Mary Tyler Moore who starred in “Ordinary People” in 1980. All movies start with the screenwriter, struggling to write and then re-write a great story that is first noticed by the right people and then, somehow, is made into a movie. This is why great acting roles like The Blind Side are so hard to find, because its not just because of the great writing or great story. It is also about luck and timing.

All the actors in the Blind Side were outstanding, especially the actor Quinton Aaron who played Oher in his first ever movie role. Kathy Bates is also great as the tutor who tries to get Oher’s grades up so he could be accepted into college and Tim McGraw, who plays Leigh Anne’s husband is also outstanding. This film has excellent moments of humor and emotion and I thought was one of the best movies released in 2009. For the few who have never seen The Blind Side, I highly recommend this outstanding movie.