Past Movie Review: Hangman

In 2017 the movie “Hangman” was released and because it rated so badly (only 5% by Rotten Tomatoes) it was bought by almost no theaters in this country. Most unbelievable about this bad movie, is that for some reason Al Pacino, one of the best actors of all time, signed on to make it. Hangman is one of those Hollywood situations where there are favors involved and a named actor might agree to act in several movies for a production company or an up and coming director – regardless of the quality of the script. In situations like this, the favor is greater than the desire to only act in the best possible productions.

This story is about the game Hangman and a serial killer who hangs his victims and then decorates the crime scene with the hangman game – adding a new letter from the last name of each victim with each new murder. Many of the scenes are unnecessarily gruesome and there are not nearly enough twists and turns to make this movie interesting enough to recommend. I do not agree with the 5% consensus on Rotten Tomatoes, giving this film now on Netflix – a low 30% overall rating. If you are a big fan of Al Pacino, Brittany Snow or Karl Urban, then maybe this movie might be worthy of some time during quarantine, but for the rest of us, this one should be missed.