Movie Review: DA 5 Bloods

“Da 5 Bloods” is director Spike Lee’s latest movie and has been released on Netflix. The story of Da 5 Bloods is very simple. 4 black Vietnam veterans decide to return back to Vietnam to find the remains of their friend who was killed – so he can be buried in the United States. They also want to find millions of gold bars that they found and buried, while in duty in 1969. From the beginning, I thought that this story was flawed because looking for any metal object in the jungles of Vietnam – considering the tens of thousands of land mines, is something that would never be worth the risk from the beginning. A metal detector, like the one the men were using to find the gold, would have no way of detecting if the metal was gold or a land mine that would blow you up.

Overall, I was surprised by the relatively mundane and uninteresting story here very unlike Spike Lee’s movies about racial injustice. Throughout this movie there are scenes of the 1960’s and 70’s that also include Martin Luther King. The one standout in this movie is actor Delroy Lindo, who gives an outstanding performance, probably the best acting opportunity in his entire career. I agree with the IMD ratings of 6.9 but not with the Rotten Tomatoes of 92%. This is just an average film and I give it a very mild recommendation.

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