Movie Review: Project Power

For sale is a pill that when taken can give any person super powers for exactly 5 minutes or kill them by setting them on fire, freezing them to death or blowing them up. This is the insane premise for the new Netflix movie “Project Power”, starring Jamie Foxx. The problem is, like so many insane action movies with an off the wall idea, the insane premise is never enough to carry the whole two hours. Also In this case, why would anyone take any pill for 5 minutes of super powers, when they could actually blow up by taking the pill?

The story is muddled, boring and run of the mill with crazy special effects in what amounts to the two main characters, Art, played by Foxx and a police officer named Frank, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, running around through different chase scenes, looking for Art’s daughter who was kidnapped by the head drug pusher of these super power pills. We never find out how or why these super power pills were invented throughout the entire movie. 

There is a side story with Art and a young woman played by Dominique Fishback, who is one of pushers of  these pills that for the most part works, but is not enough to save this bad story. 

I consider this a pretty bad action movie and unfortunately with rare exception, Jamie Foxx has made too many bad action movies in this career, this being the latest one.  

I agree with the low 62% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes for Project Power and do not recommend this film. 

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