Movie Review: Fatale

There is no better example of the highs and lows of a career in the movies, than the career of Hillary Swank.

Hillary Swank is one of the very rare actors who has ever won 2 Academy Awards, her last in 2004 with the Clint Eastwood film “Million Dollar Baby”. After that great movie, she make several movies that failed at the box office and even took some years off after things were not going well for some time. When I decided to see her new movie “Fatale” – which is yet another insane stalker movie – I was surprised she took this role because her past movies have signaled a major comeback. However, I was surprised (despite the critics) how good Fatale is. Once again the critics are wrong. with their very low 43% ratings.

This movie also stars Michael Ealy, who is the all time champion for appearing in movies like this, with the exception this time, that he is the victim of the stalker. I was impressed with the story and the many twists and turns – all of them believable. This is the first insane-stalker movie that I have seen that I actually not only liked but was impressed with the screenwriter who created something unique within this very tired genre.

The Rotten Tomatoes user rating is a very high 88% and once again, its hard to understand that the critics and the audience can be so far off in their opinions. My rating is a solid 80% and I recommend Fatale.

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