Movie Review: The Little Things

“The Little Things”, like the recent release of “Wonder Woman 1984” has been released in theaters and on HBO Max for one month. Due to the pandemic, the movie industry is slowly changing into new methods of release and distribution. Odds are many of these new movie distribution ideas will remain, long after the Covid-19 Pandemic is over.

Considering 3 Academy award winning actors, Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, Jared Leto – agreeing to make this movie, one would have thought from the start, that the script would have been outstanding. It is not. Most of this story about a washed up cop Joe Deacon, played by Washington and a detective Jim Baxter played by Malek trying to find a serial killer seemed like a bad TV movie with a plot and action that we have all seen way too many times. I wondered during this entire boring film whether this entire bad production was made, only because of the drastic drawdown of the movie industry, due to this almost year long Pandemic. Everybody involved had to find a film that is less risky and low budget because of the continuing worry that so few people want to risk going to the movies. Unfortunately, the end result is a bad movie.

This time around the critics are accurate with their low 49% rating and this movie should definitely be missed because it is a waste of the talents of 3 A-list actors.

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